To the best of my knowledge, Nick Johnson was the first person to fly off a butte about five miles north of Swan Falls/Snake River! The feature is called Initial Point. It's only about a 100 foot butte but it's steep and there's an edge long enough that it's sharable in ideal conditions. You can also land anywhere. The best looking launch is the NW launch. It's a grassy launch on an ideally steep slope. There's also a north launch and also an east launch. The north and east launches have some scattered rock but it's possible to lay your wing out on a grassy patch.

Nick and Joss first launched the north launch. Around sunset we used the east launch where Joss got another flight in and I got in the air myself. Joss and I launched in 5mph winds. 

This site is a great pre-game launch to Swan Falls. I'm not comfortable flying Swan with active thermic conditions so Initial Point would be a great place to fly and feel out the air until the shadows get long and Swan glasses off.